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Backhoe-Loader DEM 310
DEM 310 Backhoe-Loader is produced for excavation, loading and unloading works.

On’s lndurstry Germany has produced backhoe loaders mounted on tractors for more than 5 years. Theses machines have gained a reputation of reliable equipment with easy maintenance. Nonetheless, the tractor is still a farm machine and working with a loader it is far behind imported backhoe-loaders when it comes to mobility, working load capacity and ergnonomics.

In view of these problems our engineers have desingned and launched into mass production a new DEM 310 Backhoe-Loader. It combines the best of DEM-114 Backhoe-Loader (reliability, easy usage and maintenance) with that of import, machines (mobility, working load capacity, and comfort).

DEM 310 Backhoe-Loader has a framed design and is fitted with units and devices proven on world-famous machines:

  • four-speed hydromechanical transmission, front and rear axles of Carara produce, Italy (installed in K0matsu, Terex, Volvo)
  • base case includes D-245 engine 77 kW (105 hp).
  • The customer can order to install Perkins 1104D-44T Engine of 75 kW (100hp).
  • Load capacity of the front loader ist 3 tons. 4 in 1 Multipurpose Bucket.
  • High mobility due to the externalturning radius of 5,500mm
  • Travelling speed of 40 km/hDigging axis shift of 1: 590mm allows for work in confined area.

Maximum digging depth of4,36O mm. Hydraulicjoystick pilot system enables up to four technological operations at a time. Hydraulic system is made with complete units produced by leading European manufacturers: Walvoil, Filtrec, Manuli. Operating pressure is 24 MPa. Closed filtering system with 10 micron filtration level. Excavation equipment can be space effectively folded in its transport position, which considerably reduces th overall dimensions.

Each commercial DEM 310 Backhoe-Loader can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer both when ordered and directly by the operating organisation. The equipment is made of special ally structural steel. Assembly units design stands to increased mechanical loading due to progessive technology of semiautomatic welding with argon and carbon dioxide shielding. Articulated joints are equipped with bushings made of hardened bronze and metal-filled plastic, SKF Swedish company production, which ensures their durability. The Backhoe-Loader design is comparable with that of the best foreign analogues.

Technical Specifications

Changeable tools

Each commerxial DEM 310 Backhoe-Loader can be equipped with an extension for a hydraulic hammer, a haydraulic rotator ( a hydraulic borer) of Ql55Omm and digging depth up to 2m) of various manufacturers. It can be done both when ordered and directly by the operating organisation.

Technical characteristics for hydraulic equipment installation: APs20O MPa, Q3100 I /min.

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