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 Cable Laying Accessories
Cable corner pulley
Plug-in joints to fit the elements. Two vertical and one horizontal pulley of precision steel tubs. Bearlings protected against dust and dirt Profil frame with protection and bearing bows in galvanized exec ution
Cable protection pulley with two rollers
Pulley body made of precision steel tube Bearings protected against dust and dirt Adjustable apindle with teliagonal thread Telescopic support from 410 mm & 780 mm Plastic coated
Cable guid and supporting rack
to be used at cable tunnel edge. With B pulley made from precision steel tube, bearings protected against dust and water, galvanized
Cable protector
Swivelling mounted for cable tunnel edge galvanized
Cable protector with 4 guid rollers
rollers changable and unfoldable d=80 / 100 / 120 / 160 upon request
Rope protection roller
For protection of rope and tube when the rope leaves the tube, galvanized
Tube and cable protection duct
Execution: straight or curved - hingad - galvanized
Cable and rope insertion implement
To be used where the cable has directly to be inserted into the tube over a bow. Rollers of precision steel tube. Bearings protected against dust and dirt. Stable adjustable roller rack. Hinged tube and cable protection tube. In galvanized execution. Radius approx. 620mm
Inserting plastic ribbons - Inserting plastic ribbons with conductive copper inner lead
- Glas fibre ribbon covered by wear resistant-plastic
- Diameter: 9 mm
- Length: 120 - 300 m
- Reel: 905mm
- Dimensions: L 840mm , B 500mm, H 1050mm
- Weight: 28Kg
Portable cable drum jack
Machanical. With safety crank and vertically adjustable cable drum axle jaws a minimum stroke for lifting the drum Robuatly supported withe base plate and wheels

Portable hydraulic cable drum jack
Vertically adjustable drum axle jaw therefor minimum stroke. Pump and lifting Position made from corrosion-ressistants chrome steel. Large ground plate and solid struts. Rubber tyred wheels running in anti-frisction bearings.
Cable guid and supporting rack
To be used behind cable drum. Two guilding and supporting rollers. Pulley body made of precision steel tube. Bearlings protected against dust and dirt Stable structural steel frames In galvanized execution
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