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The Trailer

The trailer is for the usage of a car which is equipped with a ball-end coupling (Standard OST 37.001.096-84). All side walls of the trailer can be opened. lt is equipped with hydraulic suspension and has a reinforced frame.

Total weight: 500 kg
Dead weight: 200 kg
Loading height: 600 mm
Height from ground to trailer: 270 mm
Track width: 1.200 mm
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Usable space: 2.36 sgm
Size: 2.265x1.505x900mm (without cover)
Size: 2.265x1.505x1.l60mm (with cover)

The mowing machine

This machine is used for mowing natural grown grass as well as pre-fabricated grass. lt can be used in parks as well as private gardens. lt is equipped with a double cutter knife. The direct power outlet ot the minitractor is running the mowing machine.

Productivity: 0.3 0.6 ha/h
Working width: 1.35m
Working speed: 2.37 7.62 km/h
Weight: 100kg
Size: 2.400x550x590mm

The harrow

The harrow is used for the loosening of the soil, the alignment of the surface, seed planting and the insertion ot fertilizer. lt is equipped with two single harrows which are connected.

Working width: 160cm
Working depth: 3 -10cm
Working speed: 5 km/h
Productivity: 0.8 ha/h
Size: 810x890x195mm ( one section )
Weight: 56kg

The cultivator

This cultivator is used for the cultivation of the soil and the plantation of fruits as well as for the work on soil during the autumn period with an inclination of up to 10 degrees.

Working speed: up to 3 km/h (normal soil)
Working speed: up to 2 km/h (difficult soil)
Variable working width: 0.44, 0.61. 0.78, 0.95m
Size: 910x1.000x585mm
Total weight: 75kg
Working depth: 12cm

The plough

The plough is used for works between the cultivated rows. With this plough it is possible to work in two rows at the same time.

Variable working width: 45-70cm
Max. working depth: 12cm
Working speed: 5km/h
Productivity: 0.35 ha/h
Size: 790x1.150x500mm
Weight: 29.5 kg

The spreader

This machine is used to spread a mixture ot salt and sand on roads and sidewalks during wintertime. lt can be used to spread fertilizer too.

Size: 1.585x1.370x1.230mm
Dead weight: 150kg
Loading weight: 250kg
Track width: 1.200mm
Spreading density: 0.25kg/sqm
Volume of container: 0.226 qm
Spreading width: 2.5m

The soll loosening machine

This equipment is loosening the soil without turning the soil layer. lt is used to cut weed.

Working width: 125cm
Working depth: 13cm
Productivity: 5km/h
Size: 724x1 .295x635mm
Weight: 37kg

The plough

This machine is used for ploughing of soil and for plantation of potatoes

Working width: 25cm
Working depth: 20cm
Productivity: 0.125 ha/h
Working speed: 5km/h
Size: 720x590x730mm
Weight: 28kg

Grader blade

This machine is used for the removing of snow and debris as well as for the grading of soil and back filling of ditches.

Working width: 1.200mm
Size: 1.400x1.200x400mm
Weiqht: 40kg
Productivity: 4.000 6.000 sqm/h

Cleaning machine

This machine is used for the rubbish cleaning of large areas iike factories or agricultural premises.

Working width of the broom: 0.9m
Size: 690x1.270x615mm
Weight: 160kg
Productivity: 4.000 - 5.000 sqm/h
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