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OTD - laying set

comprising blowing-in unit, blowing head air valve, blowing-in piston, cleaning set, laying table, hose fittings, tube and cable guide sealing cable oiler unit

Cable laying set and OTD-compressed-air-blowing-in unit type OTD 70

cable guidance and feeding force via a continous soft trapezoidal toothed belt with 3 supported guide rollers.
Technical data OTD 70:
feeding and pulling force when blowing-in the cable max 100 kp
max. working pressure 18 bar
speed adjustable from 0-70m/min
dimensions 880 mm x 520 mm x 350 mm
weight 56kg
packed in a mobile carrying box

Cable laying set OD with 5-subducts

packed for transportation and storage in a stable aluminium box with sealing guide sets for the various cable diameters. Execution 5-subducts for tube diameters 50 x 2,5 - 40 x 2 - 35 x 2 - 32 x 2 - 25 x 2
box dimensions 680mm x 180mm x 520mm
weight 28 kg

Box for the cable laying sets and the OTD-blowing-in unit OTD 70

Cable drum transport trailer KTW 1300 for the transportation of fibre-optic cables up to 1400 kg payload with mechanical drum brake

Blowing-in unit with led-through fibre-optic-cable

Pressed-air blowing-in unit and blowing-in head completely mounted on the laying table

Mounted laying unit with electronical control device and connecting coupling for manhole mounting

OTD-compressed-air fibre-optic cable laying system during laying operation in an open cable trench

Assembly of the cable laying set

Description of application
By means of the OTD-compressed-air fibre-optic cable laying system cables from 8mm to 20mm can be blown in into prelaid tubes via compressed air. The blowing-in speed can be adjusted from 0-70 m/min. According to tube diameter and capacity of compressor.
The cable laying-set OTD 70 can once be applied as a single unit itself up to cable lengths of approx. 500m (acc. to cable and tube diameter). In connection with the OTD blowing-in unit OTD 70 cable lengths up to 2500m and more are possible.
In case of long distance the OTD-blowing-in unit can also be applied as an intermediate unit in order to discharge the pulling forces by means of the pressure piston.
The essential advantages of the OTD-system are the simple handling, easy installation, possibility of long cable lengths, saving a lot of working operations compared to the usual pulling-in method by means of cable hauling winches. Safe laying operation and most careful treatment of the fibre-optic cable are guaranted due to the fact that no increased pulling forces are liberated. The investment is considerably lower compared to a conventional winch and there are no transportation problems.
Just simply said: Advantageous, flexible and safe for the user! And the user just needs his compressor for the laying operation.
Attention: We manufacture this cable laying set for each cable and tube diameter!

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