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Universal plough PU -00.000-01

This plough is used for earth soil ploughing and for the digging ot seeds. The complete plough together with the universal connection can be used with the eninge block „BELARUS“ as a complete System.
Ploughing width: 25cm Max. Depth: 18cm Max. Productivity; 0.06 halh Working speed: 4km/h Loading size: 550x400x570mm Total weight: 27kg

Engine block trailer

The trailer is used for the transportation of different kind of goods.
Max. total weight: 500kg Dead weight: 220kg Loading height: 600mm Height trom ground to trauer: 270rt. Track width: 1 ‚200mm Usable size: 2.36 sgm Trauer volume: 0,7L Size: 3,180x1 ‚510x920mm

The soil trencher FR -00010

This trencher is used tor the cultivation of the soil and the plantation of fruits as well as for the work on soil during the autumn period with degrees up to 10.
Working speed normal soil: 3km/h
Regulated width of the trencher: 0,44 - 0,61m Size: 655x680x475mm Weight: 47kg Productivitv: 0.132 — 0.183 haih (reoular soifl Productivity: 0,088 — 0.122 halh (high density soii) Working depth ot trencher: 12cm

The front mowing machine KF-1.3

The front mowing machine is used tor natural and pre-fabricated grass.
Productivity: 0.3ha/h Working width: 1 .3m Workina soeed: 2 km/h Weight: 80kg Size: 970x1 .350x340mm

The potatoe planting machine

This potatoe planting machine is used for small field sizes.
Rotator type
Track width of the engine block: 450, 600mm Working speed: 2 km/h Trench width: 450mm

The communal broom KB-1

3-cylinder 33.5-hp (24.6-kW) engine.
The broom is used tor the cleaning of debris on factory areas or agricultural areas.
Width ot broom: 0.75mm Working speed: 2.5 - 4 km/h
Size: 940x900x520mm Weight: 80kg Productivity: 2000 — 3000 sqm/h

Universal potatoe plough UH-00.000-01

This potatoe plough is used tor the works between potatoe rows.
Variable width: 45 — 70cm Working depth: 12cm Working speed: 4km/h Productivity: 0.2 halh Size: 480x1 .150x370mm Weight: 20kg

The snow blower CH-1M

The machine is used for the cleaning and removing of snow.
Productivity: 2.300 — 4.500 sqm/h Working width: 0.92m Working speed: 2.5 - 5 km/h Weight: 92kg Size: 720x970x860mm Blow distance at rotator speed 1.000 rpm: 12m

The cultivator KB-1.6

This machine is used for the loosening ot the soil as well as for the alignment of the surface, planting of seeds and putting fertilizer.
Variable width: 800 — 1 .480mm Variable working depth: 30— lOOmm Productivity: 6.000 sgm/h Working speed: 4 km/h Size: 600x1 .600x500mm Weight: 35kg

Grader blade OH-1

This machine is used for the removing of snow and debris as well as for the grading of soil and back filling of ditches.
Working width: 1 .O2Omm Size: 600x1 .020x380mm Weight: 30kg Productivity: 4.000 — 5.500 sgm/h Biade angle; 75 to 90 degrees
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