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Cutter-Blower ON'S 9512

designed for high rate clearing highways, streets and roads from fresh and compressed snow and loading it into transport facilities.

Cutter-Blower ON'S 9211

-for clearing streets and sidewalks from fresh and compressed snow
-for removing snow piles formed by snow clearing maschines with  snow blades
-for loading snow into transport facilities

SPECIFICATIONS: Type cutter-blower, Base chassis MTZ-82.1 Belarus, MTZ-82.2 Belarus, Net flywheel power, kW (hp) 60 (81), Productivity, t/h 200, Clearing width in one pass, mm 2000, Clearing height in one pass, mm 1100, Ejection distance, m 20

Vibratory Soil Roller ON'S 6712

Vibratory soil roller is designed for compacting roadway covering materials. Apllication: road building.
SPECIFICATIONS: Type soil, vibratory Operating weight, kg 12000.
VIBRATORY SYSTEM: Type smooth vibratory drum Number of drums 1, Drum diameter, mm 1500, Drum width, mm 2100, Vibration drive hydrostatic, Centrifugal force, kg 14000, Vibration frequency, Hz 30, Amplitude, mm 1.2

Family of unified Rollers

-Vibratory Asphalt Roller ON'S 6622
-Combined Asphalt Roller ON'S 6631
-Asphalt Rubber-tired Roller ON'S 6641

Vibratory Asphalt Roller ON'S 6223

Vibratory asphalt roller is designed for compacting roadway covering materials. Suitable for operations in confined spaces. Operating Weight - 2750 kg.
SPECIFICATION: Type asphalt, vibratory Operating weight, kg 2700.
VIBRATORY SYSTEM: Type smooth vibratory drum Number of drums 2, Drum diameter, mm 700, Drum width, mm 1260, Vibration drive hydrostatic, Centrifugal force (each drum), kg 1800, Vibration frequency, Hz 40, Amplitude, mm 0.24
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