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Mounted multiple width reversible ploughs

3 new models in the mounted range - New central part for improved adaptation to tractor wheel spacing and faster adjustment - New headstock with higher attachment points - Multiple width integrated in the beam, token of longevity - Vari-Master 112 for light soils with 4 to 6 bodies - Van-Master 152 with 5 to 6 bodies featuring a point to point clearance of 96cm for tractors of 160 to 220 hp - Vari-Master 182 with traction bolt safety, 5 to 7 bodies, for high power tractors of up to 300 hp. plough fitted with the OPTIDRIVE* headstock suspension.

Multi- purpose stubble cultivator

Versatility: superficial stubble ploughing at 5 cm or in depth restructuration up to 30 cm - Incurved tine shape and deflector for an intensive earth/straw mixing - Tine over 3 rows and discs : levelling capacity - Press roller: quality cover crop and soil preparation for drilling - Tine safety ensured by double spring - Easy working depth adjustment by means of pins (combined roller and disc adjustment) - Reduced maintenance - Tube or T-Ring roller as optional equipment - Fins as option for surface stubble tilling - Working width: 3 to 8 m.

Mechanical seed drill

Metering unit with helical fluted rollers: constant application rate and 'small seed fluted rollers' Single disc seeding unit for fast and precise drilling: specific angle for moving less earth when travelling forward, seed placed by means of a side outlet positioned next to the disc - Ultra accurate seed drill, set by means of a micrometric screw - Centralized pressure adjustment - Hopper: up to 710 litres - Working width: 3.00 m

Mounted seed drill with sowing tines

For the simplest sowing - 1800 litres capacity hopper - Coulter bar with 4 rows of lines - Blower powered by the Vario independent hydraulic system 750/1000 rpm - Crossboard levelling bar may be fitted at the front - Levelling and covering harrow - No-overhang side markers - Transport width: 3m - Working widths of 4.00, 4.50, 4.80, 5.00, 5.60 and 6.00 m.

Dual Front/Rear mount shredder

Intended for set-aside and pasture land maintenance on mixed or livestock farms - For quality shredding: rotor features eight rows of hammer knives positioned in helical layout minimizes vibration, additional reinforced shredding hood effect from knotched counter knives - Work height controlled by roller with removable ends - Front or rear mount - As standard, hydraulically- controlled offset to the right up to 58 cm (22") - On irregular ground front wheels ensure a good terrain following - Working width: 2.40 m/7'10", 2.80 m/9'2" and 3.05 m/9'11".

4-rotor mounted gyrotedder

7 arms per rotor for effective tedding of the densest forages - New rotor drive gearboxes with reinforced sealing: no maintenance, good protection against risks of forage penetration - DIGIDRIVE® drive system - Centralised oblique position setting as standard - Large dimension wheels - Hydraulic folding for transport-Working width: 5.20 m/17'2".

Universal mounted and semi-mounted straw blower

Body designed to take round bales up to 1,95 m/5'9" diameter and rectangular ones up to 2.70 m/8'10" - Self-loading tailgate for all bales - Hydraulically driven feed rotor for ease of use - Straw blown up to 18 m/59' to the right and 13 m/42'6" to the left. For strawing in cramped buildings there is an optional 300 swivel chute - Strawing by the "shower" concept thanks to pneumatic separating chamber -Mounted and semi-mounted versions for tractors over 37 kW (50 hp).