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Freedom of movement

Replenish the fuel stock at a petrol station with min RON 95 gasoline. Thus, the flight distance nearly unlimited. You don't need to find where to get aircraft fuel, which is approximately 4 times more expensive and stored in very restricted places

Fuel consumption
24-35 l/hour

Subaru engine

The AK1-3 comes with installed a 2,5 liter boxer Subaru engine with reduced vibration level and low set center of gravity

Pushed the button, started the engine, take off

Most of the helicopters available on the market still have a mechanical throttle. This is a relic of the past, In the case of the AK1-3, you just have to get in the helicopter, press the button and fly, as we use the electronically controlled throttle.

Ease of control
and fast education

The control system is designed in such a way that during the training process a pilot forms right habits, reactions and muscle memory. It is important for flight safety because of two reasons.

Firstly, pilot’s trained on AK1-3 can easilerly learn to control heavyier helicopters. And vice versa, if you already know how to control heavy helicopters, learning AK1-3 will take a few minutes.

Secondly, in extreme situations the pilot does not have time to think about his actions, he acts automatically, that is why instant and right reaction is necessary for safety.

Spacious cabin for two people

Even if your height is 2 meters, it will be comfortable to be inside. The cabin is equipped with heating and ventilating systems with winding the glazing. There are 3 types of dashboards to choose.

Secure bearing system

AK1-3 has composite bearing blades with non-linear twist of the profile. It takes only 15 minutes to remove and reinstall the three blades. After that, it is not necessary to remove the screw non-cone and balance it. On most other helicopters, you must call a certified technician to perform balancing. In addition, the bearing system uses a hinged torsion bush. Each torsion bag has 16 plates that cannot collapse at the same time.

— it gives increased security
of thе flight and maintainability.

Comparing with analogues

Characteristics of


Maximum flight range 350 km
Maximum flight time 2,6 h
Max speed 180 km/h
Cruising speed 160 km/h
Maximum rate of climb 8,5 m/s
Maximum payload 252 kg
Fuel min RON 95
Power 115/156 kW/hp
Fuel consumption 24-35 l/h


320 km
2,2 h
189 km/h
177 km/h
5 m/s
230 kg
93/124 kW/hp
30-38 l/h


354 km
3,3 h
175 km/h
159 km/h
7 m/s
431 kg
90/142 kW/hp
35-45 l/h


350 km
3 h
160 km/h
110 km/h
6 m/s
240 kg
min RON 95
110/147 kW/hp
to 30 l/h
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