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AK1-3 flight characteristics visualizing

Our eight
Reverse eight
Slip rotation
Demonstration of the figure "Arc"
Demonstration of climb with rotation

Buying steps of a helicopter


Free test-drive (optional)


Choice of equipment and cost calculation


Deposit and pre delivery expenses of 50%


Assembly and Testing the helicopter


Final payment




On-site assembly
and test flight

In total:

Overall waiting period of a helicopter is from 30 to 70 days. If you make a pre-order, you can save up to 15% of the cost. But in this case the waiting period is from 70 to 180 days. But also terms and prices may differ depends on quantity of buying helicopters and their equipment.

22 years in aviation field

Buying a helicopter it is important to make sure that a selling company already exists for a long time and will not close tomorrow, because in a case of break down your helicopter will become a museum piece.

We are on the market 22 years. Our first helicopter was produced in 1996. Nowadays there are 120 people in our team and we possess the unique protecting and providing technology.

Spare parts and service

During exploitation the helicopter's parts wear out and after a while require replacement.
We guarantee to provide full support and necessary service.

There was an incident where one our clients from China decided to fly in hangar, but he didn't' calculate the height of the ceiling and broke a bearing screw. What should he do in this case?

... when repair work is needed there are two options

The client detects the malfunction by himself and orders from us the details, or calls our service group.


To which category does the helicopter AK1-3 belong?
The AK1-3 helicopter is a light two-seat helicopter. In Ukraine, it has a certificate type and is used by pilots, both for personal and commercial purposes. In other countries, it corresponds to one of the categories — experimental, amateur build kit, factory built kit, and can be used for personal or commercial use in accordance with the aviation regulations of the country of use.
How long can you fly on one tank?
On one tank AK 1-3 you can fly 350 km or 2.6 hours.
Do I need to have a license to fly on my own by helicopter?
Yes. At a minimum, you need a Private Pilot Helicopter License (PPHL) flight certificate.
Can I use AK1-3 in my country, personally for myself?
Yes. You can purchase AK1-3 and register it in your country. Helicopters AK1-3, assembled both at the factory and independently from self-assembly kits, fly to 21 countries around the world. Aviation regulations of most countries of the world allow the use of light helicopters for personal purposes, regardless of the method of assembly. At the same time, each country can have its own aviation rules and requirements for the registration and use of aircraft. To be absolutely sure, contact the local aviation department and provide them with information on the AK1-3 helicopter.

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