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Backhoe Loader ON'S 702B

Basic set of quick-change attachments of ON'S 133 bulldozerloader is used for loading equipement:
Light material bucket, Snow bucket, Multi-purpose bucket, Root crop bucket, Pallet fork, Agricultural fork, Grapple fork, Log grapple, Grapple for long-fiber materials, Bales grapple, Crane jib

Fork Lift Truck ON'S 451a

SPECIFICATION: Operating load, kg 5000, Lift height, mm 3300, Free lift height, mm 200, Load center distance, mm 640 Mast tilt, degrees: forward rearward 6 12, Tuning radius, mm 3700, Operating weight, kg 7400
ENGINE: Model D-245, Net flywheel power, kW (hp) 73.5 (100) at 220 rpm
TRANSMISSION: Type hydromechanical, Travel speeds forward/reverse, km/h: 1st gear, 2nd gear 0-11/ 0-11, 0-20

Wheel Loader ON'S 361

SPECIFICATIONS: Operating load, kg 6000, Breakout force, kg 17000, Static tipping load, full 37° turn, kg 13000, Loader linkage Z-bar, Rated bucket capacity, m³ 3.4, Bucket width, mm 3090, Dump heigth, mm 3215, Reach, mm 1410 Turning radius, mm 7050 Operating weight, kg 20500
ENGINE: Model JAM3-238M2. Net flywheel power, kW (hp) 173 (235) at 21oo rpm.

Log Loader 352L1

-Operating load, kg 5000
-Rated bucket capacity, m³ 2.6
-Breakout force, kg 14900
-Engine power, hp 180

Wheel Loader 352

-Operating load, kg 5000
-Rated bucket capacity, m³ 2.6
-Breakout force, kg 14900
-Engine power, hp 180
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