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Wheel Loader ON'S 332a

-Operating load, kg 3400
-Rated bucket capacity, m³ 1.9
-Breakout force, kg 10500

Wheel Loader ON'S 325

-Operating load, kg 2500
-Rated bucket capacity, m³ 1.4
-Breakout force, kg 6000
-Engine power, hp 100

Skid Steer Loader ON'S 208a

Compact versatile ON'S 208 Skid Steer Loader is designed for operation with variable working attachments at construction sites, river- and seaports (cleaning of vessel holds from bulk cargo residues, warehouse works, area cleaning, worksites and access roads patching etc). The loader is suitable for municipal, farming and railway works as well as for road, building and installation repairs, and can be used for earth-moving operations with light and medium-cohesive soils as well as for handling loose/lumpy materials and warehouse works with pallet cargo

Force Feed Loader ON'S 37

load snow while moving in one directionand one lane with dump truck loaded.

designed for snow loading in towns with narrow streets and a great deal of traffic

Drilling Machine ON'S 25

-Drilling depth, mm 3000,2000
-Drilling diameter, m 0.35, 0.5, 0.8
-Crane operating load, kg 1400
-Rated bucket capacity, m³ 0.44

ON'S Wheel Loader

ON'S Radlader
Cargadora de ruedas ON'S
ON'S chargeuse sur pneus

ON'S Backhoe Loader

ON'S Baggerlader
Retrocargadora ON'S
ON'S chargeuses-pelleteuses

Mining dump trucks from 25t to 350t payload

Muldenkipper von 25t bis 350t Nutzlast
Volcadores (volquetas) desde 25t hasta 350t de carga útil
Tomberaux de chantier de 25t jusqu'à 350t charge utile
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